Instructions for Use

PushmeHome® clamp positioning onto bike seat

Step 1

Remove seat post from bike by releasing clamp or seat post frame bolt. Place the Push Me Home® clamp onto the seat post in the desired position. If the seat post is too small use the adapter supplied. Using the supplied allen key tighten up the cap head bolt until the clamp firmly grips onto the seat post.

PushmeHome clamp attached onto bike seat and reposition back onto bike

PushmeHome® clamp attached onto bike seat and reposition back onto bike


Step 2

Place the seat post back onto the bike and tighten up the clamp or bolt with the seat positioned at the desired height for the child.

PushmeHome pullring on clamp attaching Handle

PushmeHome® installation handle into clamp with pull ring


Step 3

Pull the ring pull out and insert handle. Release the ring pull and ensure the ring pull pin slides back securely through the hole in the handle attachment.

PushmeHome Pushhandle fully extended

Fully extended Push me Home® Handle


Step 4

To extend the handle pull each section out and twist until the indent pins lock into place.

Demo of PushmeHome Handle User, extendability

The Push me Home® Pushhandle® is Extendable for easy storage and use


Step 5

To fold the handle push the indent pins into the tube and push one tube into the other.

PushmeHome Bicycle Handle on a Bike, being held up

Example of the PushmeHome® Bicycle Handle being attached and held by the user on a bike


Step 6

You and your child are all set to go!