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Fun, quality and for those times your children are too tired to trike home, push them home with the PushmeHome Trike Handle

Push me Home parents handle is the safest and easiest way to teach your children to ride and now due to popular demand, we have developed one to suit Trikes, 3 wheelers or disability tricycles. The Tricycle clamp has been designed differently from the bike clamp as it totally comes apart to fit around the larger solid frame of a Tricycle. Our clamp can be adapted to suit a trike frame ranging in size from 24mm through to 45mm in diameter. The parent handle being removable make it great for all occasions.


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Dimensions 58 × 12 × 4 cm

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Tricycle Push Handle Attachment


FITS ANY TRICYCLE: This unique product can fit onto any existing trike. The two-part clamp fits any trike diameter rear post of the trike from 1.37 Inches (35mm) to 1.06 Inches (20mm). The handle can also be attached to any bar on the tricycle, allowing for advanced compatibility. Easy to use, no tools required. Grow your child’s confidence and independence. The handle connects to the clamp in seconds. The clamp can stay permanently on a tricycle.


FULL CONTROL: Helps your child to develop skills riding their trike while giving you control over their speed and direction, helps push the child up hills as well as control the speed when going down. Help guide the rider through tough to travel areas, which also protects your back from pushing. You remain in control keeping your little ones on the right track. Create a healthy lifestyle out and about with your kids while they are learning to ride.


STORABLE: Easily stored when not in use, small enough to leave the clamp on the tricycle without obstructing the children’s use of the trike. The handle can be shortened for easy storage. Lightweight and removable, transferable from a trike to a trike. The handle is a small profile size and lightweight, only weighing 0.05 Pounds (25 Grams). Extendible and telescopic from 22 Inches (560mm) to 36.2 Inches (920mm). You will wonder why you never bought one sooner, lightweight strong and detachable.


AMAZING DESIGN: Premium build quality made of quality Aircraft grade Aluminium material, with an agronomical handle that allows for comfort while controlling your child’s trike, easily fits onto any trike and is adjustable. The Plastic handle Grip is designed for comfort and includes a light reflector for safety. The Push me Home handle is adjustable in length,  allowing for parents of any height to use this product.


TOP QUALITY: Patented unique engineered design allowing functionality and ease of use. An ergonomically designed clamp that allows for 360 degrees of manoeuvrability, allowing for ease of use on any surface. The handle has been quality checked and tested and includes a 1-year manufacturing guarantee. Designed not only for children on the first trike but also is ideal for children and adults with disabilities as it gives the parent or carer complete control of direction and speed, making sure the rider won’t get into trouble when riding.


PUSH ME HOME Parent assistance push handle for kids trike with a strong removable aluminium lightweight handle and quick-release clamp to assist toddlers to ride their first tricycle or to help carers with disability three-wheelers.

Have you ever wanted to be able to control your child’s trike while they are riding it? Or be able to easily control and move the tricycle when the child is tired, instead of bending down and holding the handlebars or seat? Well, now you can.

The PUSH ME HOME tricycle handle helps with these problems, it allows for easy control of the tricycle while the child is learning to ride their first trike, allows them to concentrate on one task at a time, steering, pedalling and exploring. When they develop those skills you can use the handle when they are tired to push them along, or when you’re in an area where you need to control the speed and direction for the safety of your child and others around. Easily removable handle for teaching your child independence and confidence without heavy handles. Safe and reliable, it is the World’s Leading assistance Handle for children’s trikes.

Designed and Developed in Australia and manufactured in Taiwan under Jestomic Specifications and Guidelines.

‘Push me Home’, a product that not only makes childhood cycling fun and supports active children but makes mum’s life easier too. This special extendable push handle attaches to the rear pole of a child’s tricycle and helps mum help the child, who is learning to ride a trike. Push me Home parents push handle is the safest and easiest way to teach your children to ride a trike.

When children get their first trike they are generally keen to get straight to the park to practice their skills, but then all too often don’t want to ride the trike back. Mum, Dad, Gran or Gramps is left to carry the trike home or bend over and try pushing it while carrying the picnic bag and everything else.

This revolutionary push handle allows Mum or the primary carer to assist the child learning to ride by pushing the trike from behind without having to bend over; Mum gets control over the speed and direction of the child’s trike, without breaking her back.

You have seen the baby tricycles with the handles already attached, but these are for toddlers and tend to still require the adult pusher to bend over. The Push me Home is designed for trikes that did not come with a handle, for children between the ages of 2 and 5.

The push handle can be folded up easily and carried in a backpack the handle needs no special tools to fix it to the trike and is easily removed.

No more arguments about taking the new trike to the park. Happy kids loving their first riding experience makes mum happy too. The “Push me Home” handle and a clamp attachment for the trike is available worldwide.

Order now to help your children enjoy their first trike riding experience.

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