PUSH ME HOME Assistance Push Handle For Bike

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Fun and Quality Push handles to help you and your children during those family bike rides.


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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 63 × 17 × 3 cm







Aircraft-grade Aluminium


1 YEAR Manufacturer's Warranty


Handle 250 grams and clamp 100 grams


40cm to 92cm


The clamp can fit bikes ranging from 24mm to 28mm diameter


Blue, Pink

UPC: 0094922828996 Model: PMH01

Our push handle is best suited for bicycles with training wheels.


What is included:

  • 1 Clamp (Either Pink or Blue)
  • 1 Telescopic Handle
  • 1 Alan Key
  • 2  Plastic adaptable Sizing Pieces (for smaller bicycles seat posts)

Push me Home Key Features:

  • Market leader in style and design
  • Fits on all Kids bikes or BMX Bikes
  • Best suited for bikes with Training Wheels
  • Minimal seat post height disruption on the bike
  • Lightweight and removable handle teaches kids independent riding
  • Transferable to future bikes
  • Functional and ergonomic design (not fixed and rigid)
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Strong and safety tested to 150kg – Safety Certificate information
  • The extendable handle attaches and detaches easily to clamp on the bike
  • Teaches independence and confidence in kids on the bike
  • Promotes healthy living and family interaction
  • Designed by parents in Australia
  • Model to suit tricycles
  • Not suitable for Balance bikes unless they have training wheels or are used as 3 wheelers like Trybike


SIMPLE INSTALLATION Push me Home Bike clamp is secured around any bicycle seat post by tightening up a cap head bolt with an Allen key which is supplied. The Push me Home Bike clamp is designed to allow the Push handle to be attached with ease.

2 Adaptable plastic rings provided enables the clamp to be fitted to the 3 most common seat post sizes. These enable the clamp to be a tight fit as that will provide you with the greatest experience.

The Bike Clamp has a universal joint attachment device that incorporates a special ring pull plunger bolt that allows the connection of the Telescopic handle without the need for tools and without having to worry about losing any parts.

Attaching the PUSH ME HOME handle on the kid’s bike is easy by pulling the plunger bolt and sliding the handle back in. The bolt will keep the handle in to allow you to push the bike. It is so easy even grandparents will enjoy pushing their grandkids bikes.

The TELESCOPIC HANDLE once attached allows ergonomic use in any position by any size of the person and over any terrain. Even if you are 6 Foot Tall you will find that NO BENDING is required, when assisting your child with our push handle.

The PUSH ME HOME handle EXTENDS to 92 cm in length.

The Push handle is able to be removed quickly with one hand allowing the child to ride their bike without the handle attached and without dismantling everything.

Kids loving the freedom of bike riding without the Push handle being attached especially when in safe area. Enjoying and Learning all the aspects of riding their Bike unassisted.

Push me Home parents helping handle is manufactured from high-quality ALUMINIUM utilizing the principles and processes used in the manufacture of walking sticks and walking frames, these processes add up to the safety and quality of the product.

The handle is LIGHTWEIGHT,  weighing only 250g and FOLDABLE to 56cm.

PUSH ME HOME is the safest and easiest way to help your children to ride a bike.

Shipping is available worldwide and usually takes between 10 -14 days for delivery. Push me Home handle is available worldwide. Order now to help your children enjoy their first bike riding experience. See our testimonials page for comments from our many satisfied customers from around the world.

PUSH ME HOME Bike clamp is now available in two colors, the original BLUE color and Hot PINK.

‘Push me Home’ Learning Push Handle Bar, is a product that not only makes childhood cycling fun and supports active children but makes mum’s life easier too...

This special extendable parent help push handle attaches to the seat post of a child’s bicycle and helps mum to push the child, who is learning to ride a bike.

While the child is learning to operate all functions of the bike, like steering the bike and pushing the peddles at the same time, the parent or guardian is in full control of the bike and can easily navigate and help their child through all the stages. *Please note the product doesn’t stay up by itself

PUSH ME HOME Parent Push help handle is the safest and easiest way to teach your children to ride a bike. When children get their first bike they are generally keen to get straight to the park to practice their skills, but then all too often don’t want to ride the bike back. As kids get easily tired, Mum, Dad, Gran, or Gramps is left to carry the bike home or bend over and try pushing it while carrying the picnic bag and everything else.

This revolutionary TELESCOPIC and EXTENDABLE HANDLE allows Mum, Dad or the primary career to assisting the child learning to ride by pushing the bike with training wheels from behind without having to bend over; Mum gets control over the speed and direction of the child’s bike, without breaking her back.

HELPING PARENTS Push Handle is designed to allow bike to be pushed from all position which is the safest method to safe your back from any strain.

Push Handle is not rigid and is not permanently attached to the bike therefore no breaking points are possible.

With the PUSH ME HOME handle you are able to control the speed of bike or stop the bike immediately to allow your child safely to correct their path, especially in first stages of learning to ride their new bicycle, trying to master pedaling, steering and observing their surrounding.

You have seen the baby tricycles with the handles already attached, but these are for toddlers and tend to still require the adult pusher to bend over. The handle is permanently attached to the bike or trike and require tools to be removed. The Child is riding with a Heavy and often too short handle attached making the bike unbalanced and heavy.  This means that Kids become faster tired making the experience less enjoyable for parents, careers and kids.

The Push me Home parent handle is lightweight and easy to remove when not in use.  While the push handle for bikes is popular our customers were asking if they can use it on tricycles as well. As tricycles do not have a removable seat post, we had to think how to best design and developed a clamp to make it easy to be attached to trike and keeping the push handle with the same benefits. That’s why we designed a two-piece clamp that can expand and is able to be attached to most tricycles. Please follow this link to the correct page if you are after clamp for a Trike.

PUSH ME HOME handle, Bike and Trike clamps were designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5 generally with training wheels or three wheels to keep the balance and are not suitable for balance bikes unless they have attached stabilizers or training wheels.

The handle can be detached, folded up easily, and carried in a backpack, the handle needs no special tools to fix it to the bike and is easily removed. No more arguments about taking the new bicycle to the park.

Push me Home is available worldwide. Order now to help your children enjoy their first bike riding experience. Shipping is available worldwide and usually takes between 10 -14 days for delivery.

Happy kids loving their first cycling experience makes mum happy too. See our testimonials page for comments from our many satisfied customers from around the world.


Below is a video of How the PUSM ME HOME for Bikes works, for more detailed instructions on how to use this product please click here.

Happy families

16 reviews for PUSH ME HOME Assistance Push Handle For Bike

  1. Kind Regards Emma UK

    Just to say the parcel arrived yesterday. It is fantastic thanks for your help and a great transaction. I will recommend you to everyone I know.

  2. Cheers, Corrine

    Push me home arrived today in excellent condition. Extremely impressed with the quality and operation of the push me home – works a treat and saves my back!! Thanks also for the fast postage and easy transaction – an absolute pleasure.

  3. Best Regards Mike

    The push me home arrived through the post on the 8th February undamaged. The device fits perfectly on my daughters bike, and she will now ride all the way to the park with a little assistance (about 15 minutes) rather than the couple of hundred yards she used to do, which is very good for a 2 1/2 year old. The quality of the product is excellent and I have already been asked by a few people were I got it from, so hopefully you will receive a few more orders from the UK.

  4. Cheers, Bronwen

    Hi, received item yesterday thanks heaps! Excellent item, does the job brilliantly! Smiles all round!! Thanks again, keep up the good job! Have a great day!

  5. Keep Smiling Felicia

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for my trike handle with pink attachment, it is a fabulous little contraption & so much easier on my back when pushing my daughter! My daughter is also more confident with the push me home bar on her trike as she knows she has some help! Great little compact package with everything you need to install! I will leave glowing POSITIVE feedback about this fantastic product when I’m on ebay next, Thank you so much.

  6. Regards, Jean. Ireland

    Just wanted to say thanks a million for sending me a push me home parent handle. It arrived today which was very quick. Have already put it onto bike and given it a trial run. It’s great and we’re really delighted with it. Thank you very much.

  7. Gregory, La Jolla, CA

    Thank you! Look forward to saving my back and grandpas! I could not find any such device anywhere in the USA!

  8. Single Parents Bible

    Well, thank you! I have a maniac 5-year old who is still on training wheels, but longing for more independence. I feel more secure with the Push Me Home and my boy doesn’t feel as though I am hovering too much. Love it.

  9. eBay Customer Review

    Great buy

  10. eBay Customer Review

    Great value and fast postage.

  11. Kind regards skct1

    Hi there. My wife & I are extremely happy with this product and have already used it heaps on both our daughters bikes. We would be happy to formalize a reference to help you with sales. This will be a big seller!! Also could you please leave feedback for our purchase.

  12. Amazon US Customer Review

    I’m the sort of buyer who skims through reviews to gage the quality/usefulness of a product but rarely the one who takes the time to write a review about it if purchased. This stick is well designed, easy to put together (hey, I’m a lady and I was able to install it, no biggie) and I’m NOT going to break my back pushing my toddler for whatever reason. Best feature? Easy connect/disconnect, so kids can ride without it and with a quick pull of a ring it gets in place. I almost got turned down by the price (the actual bike was cheaper!) but now I’m convinced it was totally worth It.

  13. eBay Customer Review

    Makes it so much easier to take my grandson out with his bike. Very easy to attach.

  14. eBay Customer Review

    So much easier to set up than / thought it would be. The quickrelease clip is wonderful, my daughter can still ride around on the balcony when I take it off, and I can easily clip it back on when we go for walks. It’s nice that it swivels and can be adjusted for length

  15. eBay Customer Review

    Such a great design! The installation is very simple and done in 5 minutes. I’m 6 foot tall and find it comfortable to use. The telescopic handle and ability to remove it with one hand gives my son the freedom to ride on his own when he wants without having to dismantle anything.

  16. Amazon US Customer Review

    This a perfect device to help you push your child while they learn to steer their bike. It attaches and detached easily!

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