How to Find the Right Size Bike Helmet for Your Child

Jun 7, 2023

Measure Your Child’s Head Circumference

The first step in finding the right size bike helmet for your child is to measure their head circumference. Use a measuring tape to measure around the widest part of their head, which is typically just above the eyebrows. This measurement will help you choose a helmet that fits snugly on your child’s head and provides the best protection. The helmet should not move around when your child shakes their head, and it should not be too tight that it causes discomfort.

Look for Certification

When choosing a helmet for your child, it is important to look for one that is certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This certification ensures that the helmet meets safety standards and has been tested to withstand impact. Make sure to check the label inside the helmet to ensure it has been certified by the CPSC.

Check for Ventilation

A helmet with good ventilation is essential to keep your child’s head cool and comfortable during warm weather. Look for helmets with multiple vents, as this will increase the airflow and help prevent overheating during physical activity.

Consider the Helmet’s Weight

The weight of the helmet is also an important factor to consider when choosing a helmet for your child. A heavy helmet can cause discomfort and fatigue, which can be especially problematic for young children who may not have strong neck muscles. Choose a lightweight helmet that won’t put too much strain on your child’s neck.

Look for a Helmet with a Visor

A visor can provide additional protection for your child’s face from the sun and also shield their eyes from debris and insects. Look for helmets that come with a visor or have the option to attach one.

Choose a Helmet with a Secure Strap

A helmet with a secure strap is crucial for keeping the helmet in place and ensuring your child’s safety. Make sure the helmet has a secure strap that can be easily adjusted to fit your child’s chin comfortably. The strap should be snug, but not too tight that it causes discomfort.

Consider Your Child’s Style

Last but not least, consider your child’s personal style when choosing a bike helmet. Look for a helmet that they will be excited to wear and that reflects their personality. This will encourage them to wear the helmet consistently, which is essential for their safety.

In conclusion, choosing the right size bike helmet for your child is essential for their safety when biking. Remember to measure your child’s head circumference, look for certification, check for ventilation, consider the helmet’s weight and style, and choose a helmet with a secure strap and a visor. By following these tips, you can find a bike helmet that fits your child properly, keeps them safe, and encourages them to enjoy biking as a healthy and fun activity. At Push Me Home we encourage you to prioritise the safety of your riders by ensuring that each passenger wears an appropriate and well-fitting helmet at all times.

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